Reimagined Spice Box, 2017

As a Jewish Australian woman I have a preoccupation with objects of Jewish ritual, particularly family heirlooms. My Reimagined Spice Box series combines photography of my great grandfather’s Jewish spice box, with digital collage techniques. The Havdalah prayer, also known as the ‘Separation’ ceremony, separates the Sabbath from the rest of the week through the ritual of smelling spices in a spice box. In my work ‘Separation Ceremony’, I use my great grandfather’s spice box and the idea of ‘separation’ as a metaphor for the separation-of-self I experienced in 2011. This was from an episode of psychosis, which I have no memory of. The spice box’s intricate filigree, silver swirls and bells also inspire the resulting digital collages in ‘Ring Bell to Enter’, ‘Welcome to My Castle’ and ‘But the door at the top was locked’.