MoB’s Artists @ Home Residency – Week One

Welcome to my week one update! Below is an animation-sketch from the opening of my video poem, ‘Festive Meal’, which I am creating thanks to MoB’s Artists @ Home Residency. This looped sequence contains seventeen drawings!

Usually I would peel twenty eggs for the Passover meal; one egg for each person. As we couldn’t celebrate Passover with our extended family during Covid-19, this year there were only four eggs to peel (one for me, my brother, mother and father). Traditionally, each egg is chopped into a small bowl of salt water, and is the first course of the meal. By visually sharing my experience of ‘peeling eggs’ for Passover, I hope to set the scene for the rest of my video poem ‘Festive Meal’, which will capture my experience of having Passover at home.

I look forward to sharing more of my inspirations, updates, and work-in-progress samples next week!