MoB’s Artists @ Home Residency – Week Two

Below is my week two work-in-progress from my video poem ‘Why is this Passover Night Different?’, as part of MoB’s Artists @ Home Residency. I was inspired by the experience of cooking matzah balls with my Mum this year.

To create this animation, I used digital collage techniques. I cut out the matzah ball shape from my photograph of my family’s matzah ball dish in Photoshop using the ‘lasso’ tool. I then created the matzah ball animation, with each matzah ball on a different Photoshop layer. I moved each matzah ball over a sequence of twelve images to replicate the process of cooking matzah balls in the special pot.

My mother’s Matzah Balls cooking in special pots (this photograph was my inspiration)
Matzah Ball Soup! Delicious. This is my photograph from our family Passover Seder
Work-in-progress screen shot

Stay tuned for next week’s update!