MoB’s Artists @ Home Residency – Week 6

This last update brings  you my video poem ‘Why is this Passover Night Different?’.

This work plays on aspects of the Passover Seder; the Four Questions (Ma Nishtana), the Four Children (The Wise Child, the Rebellious Child, the Naïve Child and the Child who is Too Shy to Ask), and the Dayenu song (It would have been enough).

The Passover Seder includes the retelling of the story of the Jewish people’s escape to freedom from slavery, in a special order. This order can be followed along to, and read in a Haggadah. There are many Haggadah editions, and while they vary slightly, they all follow this same order, as a guide for families retelling the story at Passover. The Passover Seder also includes a festive meal. 

Matzah is unleavened bread (made from flour and water) and baked before it has a chance to rise. This symbolises how the Jewish people fled slavery in ancient Egypt in such a hurry there was no time for their dough to rise. They carried the dough on their backs in sacks through the desert. The dough was baked by the sun and turned into a flat cracker. Shmurah matzah are round matzot made by hand. Matzah balls are dumplings made from coarsely ground matzah meal. 

This work was created as part of Museum of Brisbane’s Artists @ Home Residency during Covid-19. Thank you again to MoB for this opportunity. I’ve enjoyed sharing my updates, process and video poems with you all.