I am an award winning artist. To view my video works, visit my Vimeo channel here.

Below are samples of my work from 2006-present.

a photo of anna with long curly hair that is tangled in suspended yarn. she holds a stone that is wrapped in the yarn
Anna Jacobson, Diaspora, 2006
a black and white portrait of anna at age 20. she holds a camera
Anna Jacobson, Self-portrait age 20, 2008
a photo of anna disappearing into a museum cabinet that is almost as tall as the ceiling
Anna Jacobson, Self-portrait with Museum Cabinet, 2008, (Finalist in the 2009 Olive Cotton Award for Photographic Portraiture)
a portrait of anna and a yellow parasol, flying over rock pools in a rocking chair
Anna Jacobson, Travel by Rocking Chair, 2011
a photo of a girl in a red dress and yellow parasol flying purposefully through the air in a rocking chair above a rocky terrain
Anna Jacobson, Across the Lava Fields, 2011, (Finalist in the Clayton Utz Launch Art Awards)
a double exposed photograph of the top of a boy's head in the clouds and a circular poem with the words 'he ate up the sky and the sky ate him up'
Anna Jacobson, He Ate Up the Sky, 2014, (Finalist in the Clayton Utz Launch Art Awards)
a digital collage of an old photograph of Anna's Nana as a young woman. Anna has turned this image into a mermaid swimming through the ocean, looking at a school of fish.
Anna Jacobson, My Nana is a Mermaid, 2017, (Finalist in the Lethbridge Gallery Small Scale Art Award)
a portrait of anna with a spice box in place of her head
Anna Jacobson, Separation Ceremony, 2018, (Finalist in the 65th Blake Art Prize)
9 line drawings and self-portraits of Anna Jacobson that she drew while feeling depressed, drawn over a 34-minute period. The quirky drawings helped the artist to feel lighter after.
Anna Jacobson, Self-portrait while Depressed, 2019, (Finalist in the Marie Ellis OAM Prize for Drawing)
a colourful digital collage of anna. the text reads she distills healing from poems, brews song in rivers
Anna Jacobson, Brews Song in Rivers, 2021, (Finalist in the Brisbane Portrait Prize)

Anna Jacobson, Layers and Light, 2022, (Finalist in the Brisbane Portrait Prize)

an art self-portrait by Anna Jacobson with brushstrokes of golden thread weaving over her face and closed eyes and the darkened background.
Anna Jacobson, Golden Thread, 2024, (Finalist in the Lethbridge Gallery Small Scale Art Award)

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