I am an award winning artist. To view my video works, visit my Vimeo channel here.

Below are samples of my work from 2006-present.

a photo of anna with long curly hair that is tangled in suspended yarn. she holds a stone that is wrapped in the yarn
Diaspora, 2006
a black and white portrait of anna at age 20. she holds a camera
Self-portrait age 20, 2008
a portrait of anna and a yellow parasol, flying over rock pools in a rocking chair
Travel by Rocking Chair, 2011
a portrait of anna with a spice box in place of her head
Separation Ceremony, 2018
a colourful digital collage of anna. the text reads she distills healing from poems, brews song in rivers
Brews Song in Rivers, 2021

Layers and Light, 2022