How to Knit a Human (the Interactive Version)

How to Knit a Human (the Interactive Version) was shortlisted in the 2022 Woollahra Digital Literary Award for Digital Innovation. Click on the image above to access the work. My memoir How to Knit a Human was published in 2024 with NewSouth Publishing.

Objects of Illness/Recovery – by Anna Jacobson and Katerina Bryant (Island Magazine)

A collaborative essay I wrote with the lovely author Katerina Bryant, is online at Island Magazine. I wrote the first vignette, Katerina wrote the second vignette and then we alternated the whole way through, creating a dialogue with each other. Each section is separated by my illustrations. This is also how we collaborated, emailing each other a short section and continuing the essay that centres around our personal responses to objects of illness/recovery. With thanks to Island Magazine for becoming the home for our essay, and to Andy Jackson for helping facilitate written collaborations from his workshops as part of his ‘Writing the Future of Health Fellowship’ with RMIT’s Health Transformation Lab.

Glance Trader Game

a glass vial filled with blue stones resting on rocks in a misty background

Created by artist and writer Anna Jacobson, Glance Trader is a short poetic game of interactive literature, made with Twine.

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