Red Room Poetry Fellowship Shortlist 2022

a sunset watercolour wash

I feel honoured to be shortlisted for the Red Room Poetry Fellowship 2022, among so many poets I admire. Congratulations to: Shastra Deo, Scott-Patrick Mitchell, Jessica Wilkinson, Jill Jones, Rozanna Lilley, Bonny Cassidy, Anne Casey, Heather Taylor Johnson and Audrey Molloy. Further details are over at Red Room Poetry here. My sincere thanks to the judges: Charmaine Papertalk Green, Andy Jackson and Rachael Mead.

Out from the Mist – Short Movie Winner

aqua watercolour birds flying over a page of black and white line drawings of a girl with her arms stretched out, under a tree

I feel honoured to win the Australia Asia Film Group Prize in the Out from the Mist Short Movie category.

My work Setting Free Anxiety Like a Fistful of Birds can be viewed below and will be screened on AusAsia TV online.

The Out from the Mist (Representations of Mental Health) exhibition at Superordinary in Brisbane will be open from 11-15 October from 10 am to 2 pm each day during Mental Health Week 2021.

a photo of Anna holding a swirly trophy
Photo by Alan Jacobson

2020 Spark Prize Shortlist

line drawings of knitted yarn and threads with knitting needles

I was thrilled to be featured on the shortlist of the Spark Prize, for my memoir manuscript ‘How to Knit a Human’. ‘How to Knit a Human’ is a split-voice, non-linear memoir following my attempts to re-stitch my sense of self and memory. To read more about the winner and shortlisted entrants, visit here.

Finalist in the 2019 Marie Ellis Prize for Drawing

9 line drawings and self-portraits of Anna Jacobson that she drew while feeling depressed, drawn over a 34-minute period. The quirky drawings helped the artist to feel lighter after.

In 2019, I was honoured to be a finalist in the Marie Ellis Prize for Drawing. My drawing ‘Self-portrait while Depressed’ was exhibited at the Project Gallery, Queensland College of Art.

Self-portrait while Depressed

I was going through a period of depression and decided to draw a series of self-portraits. Created over a thirty-four minute period, the process of drawing quickly turned cathartic as I realised how humorous and quirky the portraits were becoming. As the line drawings became more funny and free, I began to feel lighter.

Queensland Literary Awards, Shortlists 2017

purple stars, threads, and sequins

I am so thrilled to make the shortlist for two categories in the 2017 Queensland Literary Awards. My unpublished memoir How to Knit a Human is shortlisted for the Emerging Queensland Writer – Manuscript Award. I am also shortlisted for the Queensland Premier’s Young Writers and Publishers Award. Thank you to my family, friends and wonderful mentors for your support – it means so much. The winners will be announced at the Queensland Literary Awards Ceremony night on Wednesday October 4. For more details on the full shortlists, view the website here.

I am grateful to the judges for their lovely comments below:

Manuscript award comments

How to Knit a Human is a moving and beautifully crafted memoir of a young woman’s close encounter with mental illness and her attempts to piece together the lost months of her life. The prose is clear and immediate and supported by vivid imagery and unusual insight. Using the metaphor of knitting, which the author takes up as she is recovering, it weaves together Jewish culture, the writer’s creative journey and an exploration of mental illness. This is a remarkable and ultimately uplifting story that deftly combines a literary narrative structure with life writing.

Young Writer award comments

Anna Jacobson’s poetry has a quiet, elegance that greatly impressed the judging panel. Her meditative, introspective verse makes her one of Queensland poetry’s brightest new lights.

Shortlist – Queensland Premier’s Young Writers and Publishers Award 2016

purple stars, threads, and sequins

Anna was thrilled to be shortlisted for the Queensland Premier’s Young Writers and Publishers Award at the 2016 Queensland Literary Awards. To be eligible for the awards, applicants had to be 30 or under and demonstrate a track record of work as a writer and a publication history. Applicants were also asked to submit a portfolio of writing and a CV.

The judges’ comments were: ‘Anna is a tremendously talented young poet and the judges were moved by the warmth of her poetry and the gentle touch with which she executes it. Her poetry on domestic spaces, familial relations, the rituals of food and Jewishness make hers a unique voice.’

Semi-Finalist Gender Gaze Exhibition, Brisbane Festival 2016

I am a semi-finalist in the Gender Gaze Exhibition as part of the 2016 Brisbane Festival. The exhibition runs from 15-24 September at Metro Arts. The photograph being exhibited is ‘Tea Party: Anna’s-28th-and-a-half-year birthday pantomime’ and my artist statement reads: ‘I decided to stage a tea party with my childhood toys. While it was fun, the process also raised questions about gender roles and repeating learned behaviours.’

As part of being a semi-finalist my photograph was also shown on a Billboard!

Anna on a Billboard