Out from the Mist – Short Movie Winner

aqua watercolour birds flying over a page of black and white line drawings of a girl with her arms stretched out, under a tree

I feel honoured to win the Australia Asia Film Group Prize in the Out from the Mist Short Movie category.

My work Setting Free Anxiety Like a Fistful of Birds can be viewed below and will be screened on AusAsia TV online.

The Out from the Mist (Representations of Mental Health) exhibition at Superordinary in Brisbane will be open from 11-15 October from 10 am to 2 pm each day during Mental Health Week 2021.

a photo of Anna holding a swirly trophy
Photo by Alan Jacobson


a projection of a landscape onto a house painted completely white

My video work ‘Travelling House’ is installed in the shop front windows of the Judith Wright Centre in Brisbane, during the month of October 2011 and was selected as part of Optica12. ‘Travelling House’ features footage from my travels in 2010 superimposed over an old house in Brisbane. Themes of the journey and diaspora are explored.

Feel free to wander by and have a look. Optica12 was curated by Synoptik.

Doll Awakenings Exhibition at QCP

an old doll against a wall that is peeling with paint

You are warmly invited to celebrate the opening of my Doll Awakenings exhibition at the Queensland Centre for Photography where I am showing some video works.

Exhibiting artists: ‘Doll Awakenings’ by Anna Jacobson, ‘Birds’ by Marian Drew, ‘Natural Progression’ by Paul McCann, ‘123 Days’ by Adrianne Hayward and Aaron Burton and ‘Under Currents’ by Lindy Wissler.

28 Feb – 29 March 2009

Opening Saturday February 28th, 6-8pm / Queensland Centre for Photography

(Corner of Cordelia and Russell Street, South Brisbane)